Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Carrot Boy & Dove - 'Being Positive & Stuff' Mural 2017

...the last mural painted in collaboration with Dove. scenery based on long lost friends and skepticism of religion. 

Carrot Boy - Bad Teeth

John Berrow - Free Be

Carrot Boy - Lost Direction

Carrot Boy & Dove - Sunday Funday

Carrot Boy - Pattern

Carrot Boy - Play Time

...doing some big characters before leaving.

John Berrow - Dove

Carrot Boy - Cone Obsession

Carrot Boy - Grow Your Own

...playing at work with left overs. 

Carrot Boy - Carrot Dog

John Berrow - $100 Pie

Carrot Boy - Abstract Day Illustration

Carrot Boy - Carrot Addiction

Carrot Boy - Day Time Rollers

Carrot Boy - Notice

Carrot Boy - Hollow

Carrot Boy - Moss Side

Carrot Boy & MXA - Street Arty

...hanging out with french artist MXA in Christchurch. 

Carrot Boy - My Brain

Carrot Boy - Gang Patch

Carrot Boy - Process Shots

Carrot Boy - Cactus

...sneaking a little one in New Brighton.

John Berrow - Life

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Carrot Boy & Dove - 'Nick Cave & His Bad Seed' D.I.Y Mural

...collaborative mural with DOVE. This home-made mural done with the use of roller poles and extendable, illegal ladders was done collaboratively for New Brighton Projects, Christchurch. Commenting on mental health and addiction, we attempted to create a surrealist utopia coming from Nick Caves brain. We scaled buildings to complete the full wall and duck taped poles together to attempt to create a full scale mural to leave the members of the community. After the place being severely effected by the earthquake - it was a piece for the people. Big up to all those that came down to share stories and have a chin wag about everyday life.